Google reportedly paid Apple a billion dollars to keep their search bar on the iPhone


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Having your company’s search bar on the Apple iPhone doesn’t come cheap. Google have apparently paid a very hefty sum to keep their search bar on the Apple iPhone.

The figure is said to be 1 billion US$ for the year 2014. That number should’ve become even larger in 2015. According to an agreement between Google and Apple, the former has agreed to give the latter a percentage of the revenue generated from Apple iPhones.
The details of the agreement and the amount of money involved was brought to light by an attorney for Oracle which has been fighting against Google since 2010. Oracle claims that Google had used its Java software to develop Android without giving proper credit and financial compensation.
Apparently Google had agreed to pay Apple 34% of the profits generated through iPhones during a particular year. Whether that figure remains constant or not is not certain but it definitely is a large amount. The exact details relating to the amount that the companies have agreed upon has been kept confidential by both Google and Apple. Now that it is out in the open, it will definitely cause problems for both of them as well.