Google Presented New Social Network


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A few days ago Internet search giant Google introduced its version of a social network named Google Plus. The new service is part of Google’s efforts to garner a share in the lucrative social networking space which has thus far been dominated by Facebook – the Mark Zuckerberg-owned popular website.

Google Plus promises to bring real-world interactions along with real-life sharing on the Internet, allowing users to post pictures, messages, comments and other material from selected groups of friends.

In the modern world, a great share of the connections between people happens on the Internet. However, Vic Gundotra (the company’s Senior Vice President for Engineering) believes that the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions are in most cases lost in the rigidness of the online instruments. And so Google claims that its new social networking service will be able to fix the “broken” and “awkward” way users interact on the Internet now. Via this project, Google wants to bring the “nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software”.

The new Google Plus is planned to be available as an application in the store on Android operating system-based mobiles. So far, the social networking service has been started as a field trial, which may have a few “rough edges”, so the project in its current form is by invitation only, but is promised to be made available to more people in the future. The list of features offered by Google Plus includes “Circles”, “Sparks”, “Instant Upload” and “Hangouts”.

Through Circles, for example, the company will target Facebook’s features where the specific user’s info is shared by default with all friends, rather than just close ones. Google explains that the problem people face today is that current online services turn friendship into a kind of fast food, which is “sloppy, scary and insensitive” and really hurts sharing. Meanwhile, the company believes that people mostly want to connect with only certain friends at certain times, but today in the Internet we have to hear from everybody all the time.

Then, through its “Instant Upload” feature, the company will offer users to add pictures to a private album in the cloud. Besides, people will be able to create groups of contacts with which they want to share content, like “friends from holyday,” “parents,” and “boss”.

Finally, unlike Facebook, Google Plus will allow users video chat with many friends simultaneously.