Google Most Popular Search List of 2013


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Google Most Popular Search List of 2013 includes Mandela, iPhones and more

Google has once again released Zeitgeist, the Annual list of the most popular searches of this year. This time the company has added a 3D twist to the list. Google’s 2013 Zeitgeist includes a beautiful 3D globe which lets you see what major cities were popular on any given day.

The Top 10 Global Search which got huge popularity this year includes the death of Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker, iPhone 5S and many more. Have a look below to see the full top 10 list and the official video.

Top 10 Global Searches

1. Nelson Mandela
2. Paul Walker
3. iPhone 5s
4. Cory Monteith
5. Harlem Shake
6. Boston Marathon
7. Royal Baby
8. Samsung Galaxy S4
9. PlayStation 4
10. North Korea