Google+ is New Facebook Rival


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Not long ago social networking was ruled by Myspace.Now,it has been completely shadowed by Facebook which has an estimated 750 million users.At present there is no social networking site that could challenge the dominance of facebook.Finally Google has confirmed that it is working on its own Social networking Website called Google+.

It will be very difficult for any new social networking site to attract user’s.But it seems google has a large fanbase and it is quite possible that it will generate the curiosity among people to try something new.Currently, google+ project is not open for everyone.But those who have tested it have given it thumbs up.

Google+ has been broadly based on the concept of circles in which each circle represents a relation (colleagues,friends,family etc).In case of Facebook wall the content is shared with all friends but in goolge+ the content is shared among groups (circles) which makes a lot of sense as you don’t want to share same information with your Parents and Friends.You can also do group messaging as well as group video chat.The interface of google+ has been clean and very fast as compared to Facebook which is sometimes sluggish.