Google increases APK size limit on Play Store to 100MB


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Google has increased the file size limitation for the APKs submitted on the Google Play Store. The company has doubled the Android app size limit on the Play store from 50MB to 100MB.

The latest upgrade is meant to support richer apps and more graphics-intensive games. Developers can publish APKs up to 100MB in size and users will see a warning only when the app exceeds the 100MB quota and makes use of Expansion Files. The default update setting for users will continue auto-updating apps over Wi-Fi only, enabling users to access higher quality apps and games while conserving their data usage. Google has also warned developers to keep in mind mobile data connectivity and caps, app performance, and install times for users.
“We understand that developers are challenged with delivering a delightful user experience that maximizes the hardware of the device, while also ensuring that their users can download, install, and open the app as quickly as possible. It’s a tough balance to strike, especially when you’re targeting diverse global audiences.”
posted Kobi Glick, Google Play team in a blog post.