Google Docs now available as a standalone app for Android


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Google Docs now available as a standalone app for Android, scans documents with your phone’s camera

Google has released a dedicated app for their Google Docs service. It used to be a web app, but now it can be installed through the Android Market and has everything a standalone app has, down to the homescreen widget.

Using the online editor of the Google Docs app you’ll be able to open, view and edit documents from your Google account. You’ll also be able to share docs with your contacts straight from the app.

There’s a dedicated homescreen widget for the app, which gives you three main options – opening your starred documents, creating a new document and taking a photo for upload. The application, naturally, lets you upload documents from the phone to your Google account.

Using OCR (optical character recognition) technology the Google Docs application will be able to convert photos with text on them into editable documents. What that means, is you can ideally scan documents straight with the phone’s snapper.

Download it for free here.