Goodone… The Way You Love Me….


Putt punjabi
Your Love Gives Me Strength To Live Day By Day.
To Enjoy My Life To The Fullest
To Understand That Life Is A Journey
And That We Can Travel It Together.
Your Love Teaches Me That Love Is Unconditional,
And That Our Love Will Never Die.
It Will Go Through Many Changes,
Just As Our Lives Are In Constant Motion.
You’ve Taught Me To Be Secure In Our Love.
The Way You Love Me Gives Me Butterflies.
I Feel Strangely Light Headed.
I Look Forward To Your Touch, The Sound Of Your Voice.
The Comforting Words You Offer,
And Your Undying Support.
You’ve Taught Me That Love Can Last A Lifetime,
And That You Must Work At It.
Something This Precious Cannot Be Given Up.
The Way You Love Me Lights My Life
And Burns A Fire Deep Inside.
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