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Golden Words

Positive Pictures come out from negatives developed in the darkroom. So if you find yourself lonely in the dark, understand that - Life is working on a beautiful picture for you.
Life is a Chemistry, just dilute your sorrows, evaporate your worries, filter your mistakes, boil your ego and you will get the Crystals of love. Its True......
All the right things are not possible always & All the possible things are not right always. Be true to both your mind & heart, you'll never go wrong.
Memories sometimes behave in a crazy way....They leave you alone when you are in a crowd.....and when you you are alone they stand along with you like a crowd....
Impossible doesn't mean that it is not possible. It actually means that nobody has done it so far and you are born to break the limits....
2 things can never get defined in whole life - 1 is LOVE coz you never know how deeply sum one loves you and. 2nd is FRIEND coz you never know how deeply they care for you.
7. The heart suffers a lot not because of "VIOLENCE" of bad people but because of "SILENCE" of dear once.
8. Working towards success will make you a Master But Working towards Satisfaction Makes you a Legend. Strive for excellence Be a Legend.
9. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
10. If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.
11. Good is not good when Better is available and Best is Possible.
12. "Born with Personality is an accident but dying as a Personality is an achievement."
13. There is always another chance in life for everything but there is no chance for another life. So enjoy every moment of your life.
14. The key to HAPPINESS is not that you Never get ANGRY, UPSET, FRUSTRATED, IRRITATED or DEPRESSED. It is how FAST you get out of all that! Be happy always.
15. We are like Teabags whose true strength comes out when we are put in hot water. So when problems upset you, just think, you must be God's favourite cup of tea.
16. Changes are the law of life, and challenges are the aim of of the life. We have to challenge the changes not change the challenges. So face the challenges.
17. Don't say u don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Einstein & Ambanis & TATA. Just they do differently.
18. Life is just like river. We are moving without end...Nothing stays with us. What remains with us is the memories of some special people who touched us as wave.
19. A bird sitting on a branch doesn't get frightened by the shaking branch coz the bird trusts not the branch but its own wings....Trust yourself always.
20. Trusting in God won't make the mountain smaller, but will make climbing real easy. Don't pray to God for a lighter load but ask him for a stronger back....
21. "If friendship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person in the world."
22. Never explain yourself to anyone because, the person who likes you doesn't need it & the person who dislikes you wont believe it.
23. Relation is when..someone hurts u, you don't hurt back..when someone shouts at u, you don't shout back..but when someone needs you, you always COME BACK.
24. Everything is possible. Even the word 'Impossible' says "I M POSSIBLE".
25. "Good Decision comes from Experience. But, Experience comes from Bad Decision."
26. Anger comes alone But takes away all the good qualities out of us. Silence too comes alone but Brings all Good Qualities into us.


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Anger comes alone But takes away all the good qualities out of us. Silence too comes alone but Brings all Good Qualities into us.

This just had happen with me.

really great words mate =]
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