This place used to be great for discussions, I don't know what happened. The topic was not vague, your answers were. However, I know what topics to start next: "What do you think the third person after you is going to say" - Now that's what you call a concrete topic.
What's your defn of God?

Did God make us so that he can be "God"? Who would call God great if we did not exist?

Did He just make us so that his greatness can be validated?

god is a nice guy.

1 . My Definition of god : He isnt in a particular form or shape, he is in evrything, everywhere, living or non-living. he is in gress, donkeys, humans, sky, pillars, tombs oh everywhere. Though he also come to world as a worldly in form of avatars and saints.

2&3 . No he didnt made us to be called himself as great lord, Only salvated souls know the secret behind and god, and they dont tell anybody, unless they are really worthy. so whenever we become woethty we get to know. dont worry much about it.

Rest we all here are to play parts, in a small life, So just behave with love with everybody, oh this is what my mommy teaches :D