~*Girls are Special*~


*Nirbhau Nirvair*

A Girl will Smile in Pain, Cry in Joy..

She will give Up all Her Pleasures just for a Smile from Someone She Loves.

She will Change a 100 Dresses, n still not Like any.. :D

She will Shout Like Maniacs;
Then Cry Like a Lil'kid..

She would Hug you, n forget the World..

She would be Satisfied by thr Simple words:"I'm there.."

A Girl doesn't Need big Things in Life, She is Happy with the Small Popcorn at the Movie..

Value the Girls in Your Life,Be It Ur Mother, Sister,
Grandmother, or a Best Friend..

She has given Her Soul for Ur Joy ♥

If ur a gal reading dis,
feel proud to be one !!

If ur a Boy Respect Girls n make them feel Proud : ) !!
SWEET GIRL :tj....I like what you say..girls are special.
Women are the most privaledged creature to ever walk on the face of this earth. quote from the first female US supreme court judge.. Sandra Day O'Cooner.
Sadly"evil" feminism destroyed our society, polluated our culture and norms. Mislead our mothers, sisters and wives...and created battle between both sexes.
A girl is posted half nude in front of a magazine and she is potryaed independant. Do you agree with that Sukhu? I watch TV, movies and other shows and I see the violence toward men. Shuku do you think its okay to slap a man? ( in UNP Shout Box I see you everyday..and in preety much every conversation..hitting and slaping..our male members.)
:n :n :n :n A man is your father..a brother, a uncle..and there are many wise men in your community..who built this society and this nation.
I supported feminism but now it has no morals. I supported equality of sexes, votes, educations and jobs. But now I see our female mislead by evils of feminism...
men are protrayed as dogs, cheaters, unfaithful and full of lust. Its not true.
Feminism brought slut walk to India. So! you are saying my sisters and my mother and my sister in laws are SLUTS.
Feminism is funded by goverment agencies to reduce populations.
Women are told to get higher educations and get independant. I am okay with that..koi problem nahi..they should be. Than they are put in more pressure to built their careers...by the time they are working and sucessfull..their infertility rate is high. These issues of equality created problems with couples..leading to high divorce rate and pretty much a screwed up society....
90%+ of the criminals..such as rapist..drug dealers, drug addicts..killers come from fatherless home. How your life would have been without a father Sukhu??
I can continue to write more...but I let you do your research.
First you must stop hitting men..honestly..even in Shout Box..please.
It only shows your violent, disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour.
Nice girls like you :tj don't do this. Its my plea to my sisters and female friends..please don't fall victim to these feminists...they have lost their origional idea..their original path. its has become more evil now. Type evil feminism in google and see what you get.
You are all very beautiful. You dont have to modify a fake look (make up, hair cuts..you are funding a multi-billion dollar cosmectic industry who everyday makes you feel you are ugly..say thank you to feminism. You are fat, you have to have size zero. ) Femisim has lost its origional values and some of the old school feminists..dont support moderm feminisms...because that is not what they wanted. So don't fall victim to bollywood...bollywood is not cinema..it all stars gaze based..there is no cinema in Bollywood. You want to see real cinema..go to local theater and support real artists..not these fake heros. Our true heros are our freedom fighters, soliders, our policemen /woman and our everyday comman man/woman who works hard everyday to support their families.
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Any political movement based on such a spectacularly incorrect assumption about human nature – that men and women are and should be identical – is doomed to failure.
Men areprotrayed by feminisms as chocolate boys...should be nicely shaved and should look more like female :n :n :n Men are being destroyed.
Now these days...not many boys keep beard, mustache or sikh boys hairs. Its sad what feminism has done to our society.
It is also not true that women are the “weaker sex.” These days boys are much more fragile, both physically and psychologically, than girls and hence require greater medical and psychiatric care.
Women over the last 35 years have steadily become less and less happy, as they have made more and more money relative to men. Women used to be a lot happier than men despite the fact that they made much less money than men. Now women make as much as, sometimes even more than, men do. As a result, today women are just as unhappy, or even more unhappy than, men are. They have greater responsibility to, work and home and this double pressure has created many problems.
The feminist insistence that women behave like men and make as much money as men do may not be the sole reason for women’s rising levels of dissatisfaction with life; a greater incidence of divorce and single motherhood may also contribute to it. At any event, the culpability of modern feminism in making women steadily unhappy, because it is based on false assumptions about male and female human nature, is difficult to deny. Men’s happiness has not declined in the last 35 years, because there has not been masculinism; nobody has insisted on the radical notion that men are women, although, this may be happening in our current war against boys. Now the evil feminism next goal is to make our boys gays...chocolate boys and compelty corrupt the society.
Sweet Girl :tj..I am just bringing awareness :yes thats all
Atleast now you will think twice before throwing a thapper to someone in shoutbox :hassa
the reason I gave this :speech cuz I see lot of violence against men by women and it makes me sick. in movies, in tv and in media...like its okay to slap a man..things thrown at him or pushed or shoved.. its not okay. ..:n :n
and that same goes to a woman...its not okay to hit, push a woman. violent against any sex is no good :n :n we all should live in love and harmony, be respectfull to each other :yes


*Nirbhau Nirvair*
Sweet Girl :tj..I am just bringing awareness :yes thats all
Atleast now you will think twice before throwing a thapper to someone in shoutbox :hassa

^^ i don't : )
me kise nu galt boldi nai, te galt sundi nai : )
j kise nu problem aa, say that directly to me, me ohde nal mudke hassa mjaak nai karna :yes !

nd please stop mixing ur kind awareness and hassa mzaak they both are different !!
"i don't : )
me kise nu galt boldi nai, te galt sundi nai : )
j kise nu problem aa, say that directly to me, me ohde nal mudke hassa mjaak nai karna :yes !"

:shabash..good!! :ghug2