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Girl who plucked eyebrow not true Sikh, says HC

CHANDIGARH: Endorsing a hardline stand by high priests of Sikhism who barred a young girl admission in a minority institution on grounds that she
violated a fundamental tenet of the religion by plucking her eyebrows, the Punjab and Haryana high court on Saturday ruled that the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee was fully justified in doing so.

Leaning on the side of a text-based, more conservative definition of who is a true Sikh and the importance of hair in Sikhism, the full bench of justices JS Khehar, Jasbir Singh and Ajay Kumar Mittal in a 152-page order said keeping unshorn hair was an essential and most fundamental component of the religion.

The order came on a plea by Gurleen Kaur and others who had challenged denial of admission into an MBBS course at the Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Amritsar, a Sikh minority institution, on grounds that they plucked their eyebrows and trimmed their hair.

The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandak Committee (SGPC) had also ruled that she was not a ``true Sikh as she was plucking her eyebrows.'' The court said the requisite of maintaining Sikh `swarup' (appearance) was a permissible precondition for admitting students under the Sikh minority community quota.

The SGPC runs two medical colleges, two engineering institutes, one polytechnic, 40 degree colleges and 150 schools, most of them in Punjab.

Saturday's order, replete with references to Sikh history and Sikh model code of conduct, also noted that the Guru Granth Sahib is for guidance of Sikhs in their pursuit towards spiritual salvation. It does not deal with the code of conduct prescribed for Sikhs. It was the Sikh rehat-maryada (code of conduct) that dealt with issues like importance of unshorn hair.

It added that the Guru Granth Sahib made no reference to the terms amritdhari (Sikhs who wear the five Ks - kesh, kacchha, kanga, kara, kirpan - and who have partaken amrit), sehajdhari (who are learning to be Amritdhari Sikhs) and patit (who were born Sikhs but violated one of the tenets).

Reflecting on contours of Sikh identity, the bench held the cardinal principle of retaining unshorn hair was not only for adults but also for minors, as it was the adults who were required to maintain the hair of their children.

Although the bench took the view that unshorn hair was an inalienable part of Sikh swarup, it observed that keeping the kirpan was not as important.

The SGPC burst out in celebration moments after the verdict and its chief Avtar Singh Makkar said, ``We are happy with the judgment. Our stand that unshorn hair is of paramount importance for Sikhs has been vindicated.''

I think Women r always first target by any fundamentalist ppls

well now some comments -
from the the news site haa
,no by me ha,, nahi toh some ppl will ...

- Can somebody tell me how far is sikhism different from Talibanism!!! Both are taking the human being into dark ages and moreover shame on the HC justices who don't know how to interpret the law...What the heck to SGPC. the case goes to Supreme Court and gets corrected. This was kinda expected with a majority Sikhs Judges on the bench. I think majority of sikhs trim hairs and now because of SGPC/High Court ruling are facing identity crises.


:y this----- wooow
How about 90% of the Jatts and other khatris how are clean shaved and still call themselves sikhs. How about all other other 9 gurus who were not baptized? are they not part of the Sikh religion?????
How many persons professing to be sikhs keep unshorn hair? Will SGPC take action against them? It is easy to identify them.

this is GOOOD comment ----
What will happen if one of the Sikh judges have to under go angioplasty where hairs are removed from the groin area? This is as bad as mutilation of young girls's clitoris by fundamentalist Islamic Tribes of Nigeria. There has to be a balance between the true religious tenets and century old irrelevant practices. A Sikh is a follower and practitioner of teachings of great Guru personalities and not some irrelevant items like how a Sikh should look and it applies to all faiths. I hope justice will prevail. This has the trappings of politics than the justice. Minority status should not be decided on the religious interpretations because it takes away the very basis for creating a leveled playing field for those who have suffered under the majority dominance. The judgement lacks humanitarian aspect of woman's needs to be able to remove ugly and unwanted facial hair and the judgement is not surprising; none of the judges are women.
This is as bad as mutilation of young girls's clitoris by fundamentalist Islamic tribes of Nigeria.
You need to have your head examined. If sikhs were fundamentalists then there would be no schools, no colleges and Punjab would not be one of the leading states of INDIA. And unlike muslims our ladies are allowed to take part in any activity that the men are allowed to do.

What will happen if one of the Sikh judges have to under go angioplasty where hairs are removed from the groin area?
A lie is not a lie if it save's someone's life. The sikh religion is not like jehnova witnesss where you are not allowed to get a blood transfer or save someone's life.

There has to be a balance between the true religious tenets and century old irrelevant practices.
What you do can be irrelevant to me and what i do can be irrelevant to you. Do you even know why we keep hair? It is because transcending lobh(Greediness) ahankaar(high headedness) and moh(lust) is the basis of our religion which is accomplished through total control over yourself not by removing everything you dont like.

The judgement lacks humanitarian aspect of woman's needs to be able to remove ugly and unwanted facial hair and the judgement is not surprising; none of the judges are women

The judgement is right on the spot because they dont want to open the flood gates by allowing one who does not conform to sikh practices in their institution. The women is not being forced to keep hair. She can be a waxed plastic barbie for all they care but that will mean she cannot get admission in the sikh quoata which is reserved to safegaurd the rights of the "minority" who do have the courage to follow the faith to the full extent. Next thing you know all the people that do follow their faith will be sidelined and those that dont will take their places in these institutions.

And why do i always see the majority frowning over these types of decisions???? First you will say you dont need your you will tell people that there Pagg(turban) is not needed. This will only lead to the worse for our community.

Next thing you know there would be nothing to distinguish us from the rest which is a major part of our religion.

P.S - let us handle our internal matters. If you dont like keeping hair then you have the choice of not keeping it but there are tradeoffs in every aspect of life. YOU CANT HAVE EVERYTHING.:wacko
Teh ah jehra kehnda na sikhsim tey talibanism same a...

ehnu kahvey pehla Punjab reh jakey tey fir Afghanistan reh.

naal apni sis tey wife nu v lai javin fir pata lag farak a.

For those who think Sikhism and talibanism is the same can go live in Punjab first and then can go live in Afghanistan along with your sis and wife. You will know the difference.......right when u hit the Afghan border.


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5 months old thread bump yup !after googleing & searching here and there lolz...

btw sippu je tehnu koe gal di sahmaj nahi ahh tah apana dimag use na keya ker... i know how much knowledge u have by seeing urs started thread :] ..

hun sahnu tertoh pooch na pehga ki, kya share kari da ki nahi,if u cant understand the simple basics behind this then cant help in this... kadhu tuh kehndi nose/ear rings nahi pehni deh then u change urs mind and agree with the last comment here pehleh tuh sooch la sahi ki ta galat ki, and then u make urs own decision,hope so !
Lagda tu bina eyebrow banaye bade bade perwateh wali ahh.. thatz i already saw the pic :P .Jedah tuh aha avatar /siggie layi firdi ah..isdeh bich bhi jo kudi ah un bhi bana makeup keya hoya hai..ignore that too ? why useing it ..need some natural big eyebrow wali women i can give u that pic..oh share ker or else apni la leh ek hi matlabh hai lolz.. Therefore bina sooche samjhe apna decision nahi badleyeh/banayi da ,nahi tah gai bhais pani meh..yaad hai nah ; ) and i think may be u too doing all this hair shair cutting chup chup ke ki pata aaj kal loki bolde kuch hor tah kerdeh kuch hor :[

And at topic - Taliban lolz not now but its sounds like that only az way back 15-20 saal pehla kudiya nu sirf ek gutt, jeh do disdi ta they just cut one of them...
Well fully agree with those comments az these so called religious ppl thinks thatz all this r against religion.. Fine, then they should not allowed their womens to go in beauty parlour... no need to make eyebrows,,wearing ear/nose ring KOKA,,putting lipstick or nail polish too and haa ofcourse no movies too... do it and spread dis rulz everywhere why to wait... then see the nice reply/result like this ppl will get frm the world .....Just busy in watching with their dirty eyes, wat womens r doing, go first stop those gents who cuts their hair,,becomeing beyuda drinking alcohol & even eating tobacco and their ratio is increasing day by day...there are many mens salons in punjab first burn/close them ! but here voice comes its their own wish..morrons then here also its gals wish.. why so partiality & double standard !
Saying Fact/truth in all cities for any job going women all these things fashion is normal,if they not proper dressup i bet many promotion gets stucked or no one will accept them in the reject.......Brain toh huna hi chahida but sath hi sath looks also matters,,haa those who just sit at home or in some low class company ,ooh shayad nahi kerdi huniya ..may be thatz to not fully garantee.....

Well If they r roaming in bikini or doing pole dance or something like that,then action like this can be taken by these ppl if they wanted..but they wont..Ex-Mallika sherawat comes frm jatt family,so why not these ppl take action or file any case against her ? They wont az they too knowz if they do something like that then she will just come there and pull their beard & give in their hand lol..ta pureh duniach ehjaye bandeya di buri tara bezti huni..In this case some student girls targetted or became scapegoat of some coll or may be those coll authority does not want them to take the admission seats,az hoga innah da koe internal relationship wala admission quota ? so its looks like more quota system then any religion related thing.
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