Gift for Wife on her Birthday


awwww she is a fellaa geminiaaan :wa :wa happy birthday to her in advanceee frm meeeee

vaiseee u can give her a gold bracelet with a lil heart shaped locket with her name inscriptionss on ittt.....:dr she gonna luv ittt very romantic with a touch of classs ahem ahem


Dhillon Sa'aB™
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arvinder said:
My wife's birthday is 10th June,Please suggest me some ideal gifts on her birthday.


1. Diamond

2. Gold

3. Clothes with receipts so that she can exchange them later.


Done Deal !
Arvinder ji pehla ta welcome here on UNP and now the gift for your wife.........umm............Make her feel extra-special on this birthday, rather than just bringing her a gift at home, Take her out somewhere, for a dinner maybe, Buy a beautiful card and write in what u feel for her, have words of appreciation how she makes your life a charm, and then give a her a small little gift, maybe a bracelet as Sonia said, or Order flowers as a surprise first thing in the morning...............hope it helps.........but try making the whole day special for her


Ki Zor Gareeba Da
bhabo da idea is realli nice...main v shayad kuch aida da hi expect kara:dr....vaise i love surprises...tusi v srprise de ke vekh lo shayad ohna nu changa lage n meri walo v ohna nu happy burday in advance:)

oye dhillon 22 sareya nu j@tti warga samjheya aa:bolt


Hi Every body

Thank you very much for replying your ideas were nice and I really want to give her a best day of her life..

That as my first message in the forum, and i appricate your response to it.