Get a watch running on Android OS


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Android is exploring every possible category of devices and the latest to get Android is a watch. The watch run on a Freescale IMX233 CPU and connects to a cellphone via Bluetooth. The watch named “I’m Watch” will allow you to check messages, see call logs and so on.

The display screen is of 1.54 inches and has Android 1.6 at core. The wearable watch will allow you to run small android apps. It comes with 64 MB of internal memory with a microSD slot that will allow you to expand storage by additional 4 GB. The phone also has a 3.5 mm audio jack which should come as welcoming news for music listeners.

The watch has been created by an Italian company called “Blue Sky” and they are now available for pre-order at a price tag of $350. The device is slated to ship by September and will be available across all major markets.
It’s nice to see Android exploring other category of devices, though this isn’t the first Android watch to surface. The usability of these type of devices remains a big question, and moreover Android 1.6 is outdated and there are hardly any developers who look to make software for such a small screen, probably none.

On the good side, if you are a tech-geek and love to explore new stuffs, you shouldn’t be very disappointed. The launching of such a type of device is just the start and someday usability may be reached with further research and innovation.