Gambhir hopes to bring joy to Kolkata


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Chennai: Gautam Gambhir, the newly-appointed captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders, hopes to deliver results that would bring happiness to the "City of Joy" in the 2011 Indian Premier League.

Gambhir, purchased for a record $2.4 million (Dh8.8 million) in the January auction, said he was not concerned with his new team's track record in the tournament.

"All that is history," he said, referring to Knight Riders' two sixth places and one last in 2009. "I look forward to the new season and as a professional cricketer, I will give 100 per cent to my team."

The Knight Riders took on hosts and champions Chennai Super Kings Friday after opening ceremony.

Gambhir also declined to dwell on the just-concluded World Cup, saying that it was history and the IPL was a new tournament that he would now focus on.

"World Cup is history and we are all excited to play the IPL," he said.

"Like I said, we are all professional cricketers and give our best. Let's see what happens then."

On leading a team that was put together from a scratch, Gambhir felt it would not be a handicap as the players had spent some time together trying to get to know each other.