Art & Craft Friendship Bracelets


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Knotting friendship bracelets is a classic craft that's fun for all ages. It only takes a few basic supplies to add pzazz to wardrobes or make perfect gifts for friends.



Embroidery thread


  1. Cut several strands of embroidery thread into 24” strips.
  2. Combine the threads 3” from the top and tie a knot.
  3. Secure threads by taping the knot to a flat surface.
  4. Fan strips out so colors appear, left to right, in the same order you want the finished bracelet.
  5. With the far right strand (Thread A), make a forward knot over the strand next to it (Thread B). Hold Thread B taut during this step.
  6. Repeat, making a second, identical double knot. Make the same knot twice for each color.
  7. Continue this process, making two forward knots with Thread A over each strand, moving toward the right.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 with Thread B, which is now farthest left. Continue this pattern, using all threads, until the bracelet is the desired length.
  9. Tie all threads together at end of the pattern, creating 3 knotted strips.
  10. Braid them together for a few inches and tie a final knot.
  11. Tie bracelet around your wrist, leaving room for shrinking, and trim loose ends.


*Tip: Make a forward knot by folding Thread A over Thread B in the shape of the number 4, looping it under Thread B and back up through the opening.

Use several shades of the same color for a beautiful monochromatic effect.
Create fun, eye-catching patterns by using multiple colors.
Thread charms onto individual strands for extra decoration.
Reuse parts of old or broken jewelry you already have on hand to give new it new life.
Tie a jewelry clasp to the end for easy removal.