Football Team Recruits Desis


Football, or soccer depending on where you live, is the biggest sport in the world, so it' no wonder England's Arsenal team is recruiting Desi's! Arsenal is one of England's number one football clubs and it's set to train 16 Indian boys from across India at their stadium in Calcutta. Arsenal training normally doesn't. come very cheap, but this program gives these boys an amazing opportunity they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise

Now even though football is no where near as popular as cricket is in India, times are changing and it seems clubs like Arsenal want to take advantage of that, by heading out there to capture an audience while they can. Desi's on a major football team? You might be seeing that sooner then you think!


great news.. we need more desi's in football

all i can recall is harpal leeds maybe.. cant really remember!



gr8 news... But u knw wat??
Evn ManU's thinking abt something like tht...;)
If it is so & some ManU stars'll visit India...Tht'll be a gr8 news...


State Bank Crew
great aa......Means hun football ch v punjabi gaalaan chalangiya......pehla sirf kabbadi, hockey and local cricket ch sundiya c