Art & Craft Flip-Flop Fun Craft

-1 pair of flip-flops per person
-fishing line or thread
-beads and other decorations to adorn the flip flops
-6 - 8 yards fat yarn or ribbon per pair of flip flops
-large-eye needles

1. Give each child 3 - 4 yards of yarn per shoe to start. The amount of yarn used for each shoe will depend on the size of the shoe and the width of the yarn; you can always tie more on later if the yarn runs out before the entire shoe strap has been wrapped.


2. Start by wrapping the yard one time around the strap, and knot it at the base where the strap meets the shoe at the side (not in the center of the thong). Tuck the knot under the strap, and work the end of the string into your weave once you get started.


3. Start your weave: once you've secured one end of the yarn to the shoe, begin to wrap the flip-flop straps with yarn.


4. Ball the yarn in one hand, and make a loop by taking the yarn under the strap and then feeding the yarn ball around the strap and through the loop to make a knot. Pull the string tight.

5. Wrap the yarn snugly around the strap, and make another loop and feed the yarn through. Repeat the process over and over to cover the strap with this weave.

6. If you want to add beads or other embellishments, you can add them by stringing them onto the yarn while you're wrapping.


7. If the beads have a hole that is too small to add them directly to the yarn, you can string one or more beads onto the fish line. Use the fish line and a needle to attach them to the shoe and tie off each one with a knot as you go.


8. When you're done wrapping the strap, knot it again at the end.


Buttons would make another fun embellishment for your flip flops. They could be woven into the yarn, or attached with fish line or string.
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