Five minutes with Sonakshi Sinha


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IIFA debutante winner Sonakshi Sinha may have stumbled into acting, but she has enjoyed a dream debut with the Salman Khan-starrer Dabangg.

tabloid! spoke to her just before she walked away with the best female debut award.

You are touted as Bollywood's girl-of-the-moment. How do you handle the pressure?

The pressure is what keeps me going, because you know the expectations are gigantic among your fans. It makes you want to work harder. It's a much-needed, good push for me.

Is it true that you charge a bomb for all the hard work you put in?

That was a comment made on a chat show with Karan [Johar]. People get what they deserve, and let's not forget that Dabangg was a huge success. I was appreciated quite a bit. All those factors are taken into account before I decide a price.

You are now working with huge stars like Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan. How was it different?

Firstly, it was fantastic. Salman is easy to get along [with] and he gives you a lot of advice. Akshay is very professional and gets work done without any hassle.

Do you consider Khan your friend or your mentor?

The film Dabangg came to me because Salman thought I was suitable for the role, and he has played a major role in me becoming an actress. He is always my friend first. I never intended to be an actress.

Everything just fell into place.

Does the pressure of sustaining the success get to you?

Every film of mine won't be a Dabangg, but I am doing different kinds of films. Hopefully that will keep the audience and me engaged. And success or failure of a film is not what makes you who you are.