Fight the Frizz

The secret to getting sleek, frizz-free locks starts in the shower. First thing to remember is to not shampoo everyday because shampoo strips the natural oils that moisturize and hydrate your dried out hair. When you do shampoo your hair be sure to choose the right product. If you are prone to frizz, use shampoo and conditioner that has hydrating properties because frizz is caused from dry hair trying to soak up the moisture in the air. Deep conditioning is also a good idea in the shower; be sure to leave it in for at least five minutes to get the full hydrating effect. When you step out of the shower avoid towel drying, instead look into an absorbing microfiber towel to take the moisture out. If you have no other choice besides towel drying, be sure to pat your hair instead of rubbing to protect the roots and delicate strands.

If you need to use hot styling tools, invest in a heat protecting spray that will prevent the styling tools from drying out your hair. When you need your hair ready faster than air dying would allow, use an ionic blow dryer which is much healthier for you hair than the traditional blow dryer. Using a curling iron even if your hair is already wavy or curly is a good idea because it results in a smoother finish.

Once your hair is styled, keep those fly-aways in check. You can get a shine mist or an oil spray to spritz on your hair while using a soft-bristled brush to lay down those unruly strands. The spray is the last step to ensure that your hair is perfectly hydrated and won’t pull a Monica.

Some extra steps you can take in your routine to avoid the humid hair disaster include a hot oil treatment and looking into alcohol-free hair products. Doing a hot oil treatment at home once a week helps with conditioning and moisturizing your hair and alcohol-free products have less drying agents.