few ways to make the makeup last on oily skin

Oily skin does not allow the makeup to last for a long time. Women generally avoid doing makeup during day time if they have oily skin. Stop worrying you can do a regular makeup even if you have an oily skin texture. Here are some of the best possible solutions recommended by chemists and dermatologists to make your makeup last on oily skin.

1. The best possible way to make your makeup last is to provide a good base for all the makeup. Primer is the only option that performs this work efficiently. It not only provides the base to put makeup on your face but it also absorbs the oil content from the skin. Apply it before applying anything else.

2. Use specific primer for the eyelids that absorbs the oil from your eyelids all the day long and would give a long lasting effect for the shadows.

3. Oily skin with a little powder looks elegant. If you use too much powder however, over the foundation base the oil will start coming out through the pores. Use a little bit of powder that looks nice and light.

4. Using oil free products for makeup which have some amount of glycolic acid are the best solution. This acid reduces the natural production of oil from the skin pores and gives you oil free skin. Use foundation and primers which are oil free and cleansers which have the necessary amount of this acid to reduce the oil secretion.

5. Use water proof products that are long lasting. Eye liners and water proof mascaras are a very good option to use if you have oily skin.

6. Another option is to use paper to absorb the oil from your skin without taking off the makeup along with it. Press the paper where you feel oil and gently remove it without rubbing.

7. Try to use skin treatments once or twice a week to get rid of the excessive oil. Use masks that are not harmful for the skin.