Female fan bites Imran Khan!


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She wouldn’t let go of him

Despite two box office turkeys on a trot, Imran Khan continues to be a heartthrob among his female fans. This was more than evident at a nightclub in Dubai where Imran visited to promote his upcoming movie I Hate Luv Storys during the weekend.

After stepping out of the club, the actor was shaking hands with his fans. That’s when a crazed female fan shook his hand, but wouldn’t let go of it. Initially, Imran did not mind. But she kept holding Imran’s hand, and when the security intervened and tried to take her away, the girl did something shocking.

She bit Imran’s hand. Yes, the girl sank her teeth into Imran’s flesh. The actor yelled in pain and that’s when the security guards used force to pull the girl away from Imran.

From what we hear, the girl was obsessed with Imran and wanted to kiss his hand. But she got angry when security intervened. That’s when the kiss turned into a bite.

Ouch! We sympathize with Imran.