FBI team visits Kasab's house in Pak

deepak pace

Islamabad: An FBI team visited Faridkot in Pakistan's Punjab province to investigate about Ajmal Amir Iman 'Kasab', the lone terrorist captured during the Mumbai attacks who hails from the area.

The five-member team of the FBI was headed by its South Asian Director William Robert, Geo TV reported.

According to sources, the purpose of the FBI team's visit was to investigate about Kasab, it said.

The channel also claimed, without quoting anyone, that according to the FBI team it found no evidence.

Kasab's father recently admitted in an interview to the Dawn newspaper that the gunman whose picture was beamed around the world by the media was his son.

Residents of Kasab's village of Faridkot too have told the Pakistani media that he belonged to the area. They said he had told his mother during his last visit home that he was going away for 'jehad'.

Pakistan on claimed that India has cooked up a story about Kasab being a Pakistani