Fauja Singh


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Fauja Singh is a stud. The man is 94 and he just finished yet another marathon, this time in Edinburgh. There he led a team (named “Sikhs in the City”) of five Sikh runners with a combined age of 397 years between them. Said Fauja Singh "I hope we will inspire young people to keep going and older people never to give up" If this is the first time you’re hearing about Fauja Singh: * He rediscovered running at age 81 (because he was bored sitting around his son’s house) and ran his first marathon at 89. * The next year he set a world record for 90 year-olds * He has been getting faster as he has gotten older! * He’s a poster boy for Adidas (like David Beckham) and he gave a large chunk of the money to charity * He’s a vegetarian, and has been in a PETA ad As a creed, Sikhism emphasises devotion and discipline. It also values physical prowess, understandable given that it started as a small sect in a turbulent part of the world. Embodying many of those virtues is the remarkable Fauja Singh, the 95-year-old marathon man whose feats have earned him a spot on adidas' roster alongside David Beckham and Jonny Wilkinson. Fauja took up running at age 81, when he moved to England after the death of his wife. Eight years later he ran his first marathon, and his times have been coming down since — he holds the world record in the 90-94 age group of fi ve hours, 40 minutes. This year he led the Sikhs in the City relay team, which had a combined age of 400, to a time of 4:43.33 in the Edinburgh marathon. Of the demands of running a marathon, Fauja says: "The first 20 miles are not diffi cult. As for last six miles, I run while talking to God."

-=Sukh Tiwana=-