Fast and the Furious 5?


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We've yet to find some time to go and see 'Fast and Furious 4' which came out in early April, but we have learned that the film's two-leading stars, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, will meet again as Universal Pictures has given the green light for a fifth installment of the hot-rodding franchise. The revelation was made by Walker who plays the role of Brian O'Connor, an FBI agent in the fourth film.

"This was supposed to be it. There wasn't supposed to be the open-ended closing like there was," Walker told MYfm's Valentine.
"When they started talking about making the fourth one, I was like, man, I don't really have a choice now, because if I don't do it I know I'm gonna be pissing people off, because this is the opportunity to come back and make the first true sequel," said Walker.

"But without question, with the way things opened up, Vin and I will be coming back, we're making a fifth one, and we're going to Brazil, that's it," he added.

No word on when 'Fast and Furious 5' (or whatever it will be called) will hit the big screen, but don't expect to see it before 2010 at the earliest.