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Home Manicure Tips!

Filing and Buffing Your Fingernails
Before you begin an at-home manicure, Place your metal nail tools in an antiseptic solution for about 15 minutes to kill any bacteria and germs.

Remove your old polish before you begin.
Never file the nail in a back and forth motion. Instead, go from side to side, in one direction.

Your nails should be shaped into oval tips.

Buff the surface of the fingernail after filing.

Soften your cuticles by soaking in a small bowl of soapy, warm water or cuticle cream.

Gently loosen your cuticles with cuticle remover or an orangewood stick.

Painting & Decorating Your Fingernails

Be creative when you give yourself manicures! Add wild colors, decals and stickers specifically designed for your fingernails. But first, you'll need a good surface to work with.

To avoid air bubbles in your polish, don't shake the bottle. Roll it gently in the palm of your hands before applying.

Apply your fingernail polish in three strokes, one in the middle and one on each side, taking special care to avoid your skin and cuticles.

If you're in a hurry, or plan to redo your nails soon, apply only two coats of polish. Allow the first coat to dry before adding the second coat.

For longer staying polish, apply one base coat, two coats of polish, and finish it off with a top coat to prevent chipping.

Metallic nail polishes stay on much longer without chipping, but they're much harder to remove.

Apply the polish to the edge, underneath the tip of the nail to reinforce the area.

When you're finished, clean up any additional polish on your skin and cuticles with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.

Let your nails dry completely for about 30 minutes before doing anything, and don't go to bed with wet polish.

If your favorite polish is getting old and thick, add a bit of polish thinner or remover to revive it.

Manicures - Artificial Nails

Before you begin, it's important to lay down some paper or an old dish towel for a work surface. This will help prevent any glue or nail polish from getting on your table. Have all of your tools handy beforehand.

First, buff the surface of your natural nails. This will clean them and rough them up a bit, allowing the glue to adhere better. Then dry the surface of
your nails and apply the artificial nails.

Gently rock them back and forth to get out the air bubbles. Press tightly and apply glue just under the tips where there is usually a gap.

After the glue dries, file your nails as you normally would and clean off any access glue. Paint as usual.

Longer nails are more prone to chipping and breaking.
Trim down the nails before you glue them on.

When removing artificial nails, soak them in acetone and remove them with a cuticle stick.

Home Fingernail Repair Tips

The sooner you repair a broken nail, the less damage there will be. It's best to always have nail clippers and a fingernail file in your purse and at work for a quick-fix.

To remove a polish smudge, dip your finger in nail polish remover and tap lightly.

For a chip in your polish, smooth the edges with nail polish remover and polish the bare area sparingly.

For a torn nail, clip and file. For a big break, file off the rough edges and apply glue to the surface of your nail. Hold your nail in place while it dries. Buff out to smooth.


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Under Eye Dark Circles..!
Why the darkness?
In some cases, darkness around the eyes is hereditary. And many people with allergies seem to have dark circles. There are other culprits - something you can do something about. Smoking, drinking a lot of coffee, soda or caffeine beverages will usually make dark circles worse. So does generally not eating right. Also pulling all-nighters - whether for school or fun - also contribute to the dark-eyes problem.

The various causes are:


People who were born with sharp nose (high nose bridge) and deep-set eyes will naturally have there eye circles appearing dark (look at the indians for example. Most of them will appear to have dark circles).

People who were born to have genuine dark circles.

People who suffer from long period of insomnia - lack of adequate rest and sleep.

People who need to light midnight candles - overstressing their eye muscles.

Pigmentation after childbirth or due to side effects of some drugs - these hyper-pigmentation around the eye area will appear like dark circles.

How can their cream remove them? It's just absurd.

For condition (a), you will need plastic surgery to flatten the nose bridge, and push up the eye sockets to make the dark circles disappear.

For (b), you need some relatively lighter shade of makeup foundation to conceal the dark circles.

For (c), medical/psychiatric treatment has to be sought to treat the insomnia. Once this person gets to sleep normally, his/her dark circles will automatically go.

For (d) the person can only help himself/herself to avoid staying too late to the wee hours.

For (e), it is a problem with hormonal imbalance, and requires medical treatment. At times the body's hormonal system can get back to normal on its own over time, and the dark circles gradually disappear on its own. Eye massage will also help to improve conditions (b), (c), (d), and (e) to some extent, by way of stimulating and enhancing blood circulation.

Eye creams that claim to rid wrinkles are often also promoted in a deceptive way, by promising permanent wrinkle-free youthful looks, irrespective of age.
Wrinkles are caused by:


Constitution - naturally by birth due to the muscular structure.

Aging - sagging of muscles as one ages.

Dehydrated skin - skin creases due to moisture loss.

Gesture habits - frequent frowning, and smiling or laughing in such a way that the eye muscles were often creased.

Lack of muscles - especially with skinny people.

As for eye creams promising to remove dark circles, do not be deceived by the advertiser. The cream will not work on dark circles, and the price is certainly exorbitant.

What a good eye cream really does is to :
1) prevent further moisture loss.
2) assists the skin in absorbing moisture from the air.
3) compensates the skin with the natural sebum it may lack.
4) stimulates blood circulation (usually mild action only).

All of the above eventually do only one thing - that is to puff up the skin. When skin around the eye area is puffed up, the 'valleys' of the wrinkles will appear to be on similar levels with the 'peaks'. Thus, crease lines became less obvious, and wrinkles appear to have gone. But this is only temporary. Once the moisture is gone, the valley swill become valleys again, and crease lines will reappear.

What eye creams to use?

First of all try one of the many under eye creams that help lessen the appearance of dark circles over a period of time. Note these do not work instantly but over a few weeks. Try Fade Out Eye Zone Fade Cream, Estee Lauder Uncircle or Ultima LightCaptor-C Skin Reviving Eye Cream.

Make up cure!

In the mean time stop piling it on, 'whatever product' you use to cover them. Too much can actually make matters worse. Instead apply the correct concealer after foundation rather than before. This way you can place it exactly where you need it. Try using a fine brush to apply the concealer, you'll find you use less and it looks much more natural, not heavy.
Use a moisturizing, light reflecting under eye concealer. Or a demi-matte concealer in a shade close to your skin tone, too light a color will look ashy and obvious. For the optimum results, tip your head forward and look up into a mirror, this will really highlight the dark circles, now apply the concealer and blend. When you put your head up the dark will have disappeared.
One of my favourite light reflective concealers is YSL Touch Éclat, although it comes in only one shade it is suitable for most skin tones. For women of color check out Colorings Lightening Touch no.2. Another fab concealer is Prescriptive Magic Wands. Keep your eyes on up and coming 'Sneak Peaks' for news about New Under eye Concealers soon to be released.
TOP TIP - Can't find the right concealer? Don't worry simply do as many make-up artists do, use the slightly dryer bit of foundation that collects around the neck of the bottle and inside the cap. It is denser than your foundation, just the perfect consistency and colour for you to use as a concealer.

You must NEVER use a blemish concealer under the eyes. It could dry out and irritate the delicate eye area.

Natural Eye refreshers!!

1. The best thing is to use slices of cucumber cooled in the fridge and applied on the eyes like an eye-mask or sliced raw potato used in the same way. Iced frozen used tea bags are also really useful in controlling exhausted eyes, dark circles and puffiness.
2. A very effective treatment is using a mixture of 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt and 1-teaspoon honey, mix and use it like an eye-mask under the eyes. Wash off after 15 minutes. Also, take grated cucumber or potato and immerse cotton pads in the mixture then refrigerate until cold and apply over eye area. This makes an excellent eye treatment.