Farah Khan quashes rumours


Prime VIP
Film people and controversy go hand in hand. Since the time Farah Khan started TEES MAAR KHAN with Akshay Kumar, the media has constantly written about the fallout between [once] thick pals Farah and Shah Rukh Khan. While the media has constantly speculated that that all's not well between Farah and SRK, the latest development seemed to take the 'bitterness' between them to a new level.

Reportedly, SRK has prevailed upon the Lullas of Eros to bring TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO on 24 December, in the same week as Farah's TEES MAAR KHAN.

"I don't think there's any truth to it," Farah tells me, "SRK would never stoop to that level. I refuse to believe it." But the fact remains that TEES MAAR KHAN will not enjoy the solo status any longer, since TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO will vie for eyeballs and footfalls in the same [Christmas] week. "I am very fond of Ajay Devgn. But we are not competing with any film. In fact, with one more film in the fray, it pushes me to work harder. I would've loved if TEES MAAR KHAN came without any opposition, lekin kya karen? I am used to having major opponents in the past [OSO and SAAWARIYA were released on the same day]."