Families displaced, farmland destroyed by Bihar floods


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Patna: Floods have caused havoc in large parts of Bihar, killing dozens of endangered black buck, damaging houses, destroying standing crops on thousands of hectares of land and displacing people across many districts.

A large number of villagers, who were forced to flee, took shelter on river embankments, living in the company of bulls and goats under makeshift tents.

Authorities said the flood situation turned grim in several districts of Bihar with major rivers like Ganga, Kosi, Bagmati, Gandak, and Kamal Balan overflowing with rain water.

In western Bihar's Buxur district, officials found dead bodies of more than a dozen endangered species like black buck and blue bulls floating on flood waters and stuck in river-side bushes. They were killed after the Ganga flooded. These animals are normally found in large numbers at a sanctuary which is spread over an area of 25 kilometres in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Limited resources

The authorities said they had limited resources to tackle the situation.

"An almost similar situation had arisen some eight years back yet nothing was done as such to cope with the situation in future. We have apprised the senior officials of the entire situation and are keeping a close watch on the situation," a senior forest official Mani Bhushan said.

115 dead in two states

Floods and heavy rain in parts of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have left as many as 115 people dead over the last two months, official reports said on Friday. While nature's fury killed 77 people in Uttar Pradesh, at least 38 were left dead in Uttarakhand.

Several parts of Uttarakhand were cut off on account of landslides and breaches on the roads. A large number of pilgrims to the popular religious destinations of Badrinath, Kedarnath and Gangotri were reported stranded at different places, particularly over the past three days.

While rains have been lashing large parts of the two states ever since July, bulk of the casualties have taken place over the past 10 days since the downpour turned incessant and heavy.
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