Facts About Cape Town


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Cape Town is one of the significant cities of South Africa. It holds an important place as it plays a vital role administratively and culturally. Though the city has a soaring population, its population density is still low, as it has a fairly large area. Cape Town is famous for its natural and scenic beauty. Apart from the famous landmarks, it also houses a number of picturesque beaches. This makes the city a thriving tourist destination, explored by the visitors throughout the year. For some more interesting and fun facts about Cape Town, read on.

Interesting & Fun Facts about Cape Town

  • Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa.
  • Cape Town is regarded as the economic centre of the Western Cape and even the regional manufacturing hub.
  • Cape Town is the primary harbor and airport in the Western Cape.
  • Cape Town is the capital of the Western Cape and also the seat of National Parliament.
  • Cape Town houses well known landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point.
  • Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist destinations of South Africa.
  • Cape Town was the largest city in the state, until the expansion of Johannesburg.
  • Cape Town was the site of first settlement of Dutch and English settlers, in the 19th century.
  • Surfing is a popular sport in Cape Town and it organizes a Red Bull Big Wave Africa surfing competition every year.
  • Cape Town has a rich architectural heritage, housing a high density of Cape Dutch style buildings.
  • Cape Town conducts an annual Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, a large minstrel festival, known by the name ‘Kaapse Klopse’.
  • Whale watching is quite popular in Cape Town. Bryde's Whales can be seen here throughout the year.
  • One can see Southern Right Whales on the coast of Cape Town, during the breeding season between August and November.
  • The headquarters of Naspers, the largest media company in Africa, are located in Cape Town.
  • The Voice of the Cape and Cape Talk are the major radio stations in the Cape Town.
  • The ‘Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour’, organized in Cape Town, is the largest individually timed cycle race in the world.
  • The Port of Cape Town is deemed to be one of the busiest shipping corridors in the world.