Facebook rolling out redesigned News Feed in India


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There’s good news for Facebook’s power-users in India. The revamped News Feed design released back in March is finally rolling out to users in the country. The redesigned News Feed puts emphasis back on visuals, with your Homepage now sporting larger photos that look pleasing to the eye.

The new design, unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg in an event a few months ago, is supposed to be consistent on the web as well as the iOS and Android applications. The new UI sports bigger and better pictures, with captions and links superimposed on them and plenty of white space sprinkled around.

The look, seeming partly inspired by Google+, puts major emphasis on images not just independently uploaded onto Facebook but also general posts. Thumbnails for videos and articles posted are now also larger, and so is the font.

Now in India

The left pane that contained links to your News Feed, Profile, Pages and Groups has been fused together with your chat bar. It can still be found on the left of the page, only now it looks like a different section altogether rather than seeming like it’s a part of the page. Unfortunately, you will not be able to hide the pane anymore. The Ticker too has been included in this pane but has been pushed to its bottom, rendering it practically useless.

Facebook has also concentrated on making the News Feed as neat as possible. If multiple people you’re friends with or pages you follow share the same link, it will now show their display pictures next to the story instead of text informing you about it.

The most important bit about the new News Feed is that it now allows you to check updates of pages and friends by simply selecting a category on the right hand side of the page. You could choose to see most recent stories, either belonging to all of your friends or only those of who you're following.

If you haven’t received the new News Feed yet, relax. Facebook, like it does with most such new features, is taking a while to roll it out to all its users You can rest assured that Facebook intends to give all its users the new News Feed, like it did with the new Timeline.​