Facebook Home Updated with Customizable Lock Screen


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Facebook Home Updated with Customizable Lock Screen and Notifications

Facebook Home, which is well known as a replacement launcher for Android Devices hasn’t got much success ever since launch. As the features of Facebook Home are not similar to other Android Launchers. It lacks many demanding features like a normal folder creation option, an app dock or usable widgets. Above all, many users were concerned about their privacy as if this app could track their every move and potential data. So, they haven’t installed it on their Smartphone.

But Facebook always tries to fulfill its users’ demands and to improve the user experience. That is the reason the company has recently released an updated version of Facebook Home app on Google Play Store, which brings many new improvements to this app.

The updates include few major improvements to the lock screen UI, swipe from left to see the Cover Feed, now you can even change the wallpaper by visiting the setting option. But despite all these, there are lots more to come. That is the reason Facebook is still not so useful as other Android Launchers. But for those who love to spend their most of the time on Facebook, this app would be helpful for them.

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