Facebook could soon let you message from the status box


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Soon you could use your status bar to send private messages on Facebook. This is after TechCrunch reported that Facebook is planning to incorporate the option of sending private messages on its homepage status bar, which is fixed on the top of the platform, to increase the messaging rates.

It is expected that the social networking platform will integrate the existing status bar and the chat option that appears on the top left corner of the screen to allow users to use the chatting option in an easy manner. This move could help Facebook to compete with Google, whose web chat presence is strong thanks to its hangout option.

If the rumoured change comes into effect, users could switch between posting their status and privately communicating with select friends. However, if not cautious, the user could end up revealing a message to all his friends when it was meant to be seen by just one person.

You could soon start a message thread using your status bar

As things stand now, users have to click the untitled message icon to start or continue a private message thread. This sometimes results in users being less likely to send messages.

The functions of the status composer messaging could mirror the recently launched Chat Heads feature for the Facebook mobile app. The chat heads overlay the message conversation on top of all pages of the Facebook app for iOS and Android.

It is also believed that Facebook is trying to increase the pace of conversations that generate notifications and repeated visits from their participants on the web and mobile platform. It is also expected that status composer messaging could result in better user experience.​