Face Lift Exercises


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Why even bother thinking about ‘botox’ when you have face lift exercises? In an age of speed and convenience, everyone is always on the lookout for the shortest trek to what can be termed ‘object of desires’. Maybe this approach to life and what you can get out of it can help throw light on the reasons for the success of botox. However, as far as facelifts or getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines go, face lift exercises are really your safest bets. It may be challenging to believe that these exercises can actually help provide your face with a much needed lift, but the truth lies comfortably in the fact that it does. Go ahead and read on to achieve a closer look at face lift exercises that help work wonders on your lips and cheeks, eyes and forehead and neck and throat. With the dedicated performance of these exercises, you are bound to get that much closer to that much sought after face lift.

Natural Face Lift Exercises

Lips And Cheeks

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position. Close your mouth and hold your teeth together. With your mouth still closed and your teeth still held together, smile as wide as you possibly can. Hold for five seconds or so and let go. Right away, move your lips into a puckered position and stretch them as far as you can. Hold this for five seconds or so and then let go. By now your face muscles should have tensed up, so provide them with some relaxation by sucking your cheeks in and over the top of your teeth. Hold this for ten seconds before releasing. Repeat all of the mentioned natural face lift exercises ten times each. This will help you get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles you see on your face.

Eyes And Forehead
Find yourself a quiet corner in a room. Sit yourself down and look straight ahead. Then, look up and down as far as possible. The trick here lies in using your eyes only. Repeat this exercise for ten times or so. Follow this up by looking left as far as possible and then looking right. Here too you will have to move only your eyes. Repeat this exercise for ten times. Next, frown as much as you can and bring your eyebrows towards each other while moving slightly out and over your eyes. Hold for five seconds before letting go. Repeat this last exercise for ten times. This will help remove unwanted lines and wrinkles that plague the regions around your eyes and forehead.

Neck And Throat
Begin by sitting up straight. Tilt your head back and look up to the ceiling. Keep your lips closed while you are looking up to the ceiling. Without opening your mouth, perform a chewing movement with your mouth. Do this for around twenty times. Next, turn your head towards the left and make twenty chewing movements. Turn to your right and make twenty chewing movements. This will actually help you get rid of sagging skin on the neck or that annoying double chin. Follow this up by looking up to the ceiling and puckering your lips. Stretch your lips towards the ceiling and hold the position for ten seconds before letting go. Repeat this for five times. This exercise is perfect for providing your neck muscles with a much needed stretch and lift. Lastly, look up to the ceiling, stick out your tongue and try getting it to touch your chin. Hold your tongue out like this for ten seconds and get it back into your mouth. Do this for five to eight times.