Eye care: Top 8 tips to improve eye vision

Nearly half of our days are spent in reading text, working on the computer or staring at lavish LCDs.

All these leads to eye fatigue and eye related problems, which further causes diminished vision. Follow these simple tips by Ophthalmologist Dr. Vijay Bhatt, to sharpen your vision so you can see your way to a future of longevity.

Tip to Improve Eye Vision # 1: Practice relaxation exercise
One of the simplest relaxation exercise you can do to your eyes is - place your hands together palm to palm and rub them together briskly creating heat. Place them over your eyes and allow your eyes to relax. Do not let light in. Do this whenever you have time during the day.

Tip to Improve Eye Vision # 2: Blink your eyes regularly
Constantly blinking your eyes is a very simple way to keep your eyes fresh and avoid eyestrain. Computer users tend to blink their eyes very less, thus it is recommended that they should follow the exercise of blinking their eyes every three-four seconds.

Tip to Improve Eye Vision # 3: Stare at a distance
Most of the computer victims are a victim of far-sightedness (have trouble seeing things, which are at a distance). To correct this or avoid this problem, make an effort to stare something at a distance every 30-45 minutes, for 5 seconds. This technique will help to improve your focus of distant objects.

Tip to Improve Eye Vision # 4: Splash water
If you feel that your eyes are strained, go to the washroom and wash your eyes thoroughly. Make this a daily habit. Splashing your eyes with water will help to relieve your eyes from excessive stress and make them fresh.

Tip to Improve Eye Vision # 5: Do '8' exercise
Practicing '8'exercise will help to increase your eye flexibility. Start it by imagining a giant figure of eight in front of you about 10 feet in front of you. Now trace the figure of eight with your eyes, slowly. Practicing tracing it on either side.

Tip to Improve Eye Vision # 6: Practice zooming exercise
Start this muscle straitening exercise by sitting in a comfortable position. Stretch out your arm with your thumb in the hitchhike position Focus on your thumb as your arm is outstretched. Now bring your thumb closer to you, focussing all the time, until your thumb is about 3 inches in front of your face. Now move your thumb away again until your arm is fully outstretched. Keep practicing this exercise for few seconds.

Tip to Improve Eye Vision # 7: Take an early walk
Get up early and go for a walk. This technique will make your eyes fresh and relaxed. Besides, it will also get sufficient sunlight.

Tip to Improve Eye Vision # 8: Don't make your eyes depended on glasses
Spectacles are just a great fix for your deteriorating vision power. It does not improve or fixes your eyesight. Thus, don't depend on your glasses too much.