Extreme Off Roading



Off-roading has become extreme sport. Special vehicles are designed for Off-roading. Such vehicles have extra ground clearance, sturdy tires. In some parts of the world, especially in Africa, off-roading is the normal form of transport. This post features photos of extreme off-road driving events. Some of the moves in photos look unbelievable at first sight but off-roading enthusiasts are doing this in reality.
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2. Is this a flying jeep?

3. These guys are going crazy.

4. A real extreme move.

5. Dust and mud is visible on this vehicle.

6. Would you believe this climb is possible? Seeing is believing.

7. Stuck!

8. A climb down.

9. Crazy Driving?

10. Trying to climb.

11. Stuck!


12. Moving Down.

13. Aggressive Driving.

14. Driving On Stones.

15. Is it Possible For This Vehicle To Climb?

16. Race Track.

17. Driver is Unable To Move His Vehicle.

18. Driver is Trying to Move His Vehicle.

19. Moving Down.

20. Bad Situation.

21. Guys are trying to climb their vehicle. It is possible?