Explore Planet Earth : Top to Bottom | Stunning Infographic

First of all, let me remind you that in this blog, you already did see and humbled by how big is our planet earth (when compared to other planets, stars, galaxies…), you took the uber-cool visual trip across the universe in 7 minutes and did watch the spectacular great natural wonders of the world (documentary).

In this post, we are going to explore our planet earth’s surface from top to bottom (35000 ft above and below sea level) – going to explore the earth’s surface from peaks to mysterious depths, tallest mountain (Mount Everest) to deepest Mariana ocean trench. With thanks to the designer Karl Tate and OurAmazingPlanet.com, I am pleased to share this stunning infographic with you.

Note: Picture is large in size and take some time to load in slower computers/connections.