Euthanasia is the practice of killing a person , in a painless way,to end their suffering.

Well I thought for a change maybe we could discuss something that requires more personal opinion than scientific fact.

Human life is valuable and once you take it away, it can never return. Hence I think murder and suicide are wrong.

There are people who are suffering excrutiating pain and death would seem like a better solution and depending on their condition, they may need help to accomplish the act.

So i wanna knw ur views ,"Shd Euthanasia be legalised or nt??".

Dnt look only positive side of euthanasia,ther can b some drawbacks of it,thats why in whole world,, only 2 countries have legalised it.one is holand n other one is ,,,,,.:wall :wallyadh nahi aa raha:P nyways

pour ur valuable views.!!!:wink :wink