~~~~~Esha Jaan~~~~


ello unp peopleoooo some one please welcome me
i am so excited to join the virtual world and be part of it
cheers for many more postings :gig :gig


Done Deal !
Balle oye Esha deol aa gayi, langh aa langh aa kuriye aaja dhoom macha lai dhoom lacha lai welcome hai very hearty hearty warm warm vaala....hor suna kiven chaldi teri shooting vooting? te ki haal tere bapoo dharmender ta te teri bebe hema Mialini da.....badi khushi hoyi tainu aithe dekh ke ! Mainu aithe Angel_Eyes kehnde ne, lor hove ta Hollar anytime !


thank you
shooting well i am planning to take time off and spend most of it with my lovely parents as we all know them dharmender and hema
my brother's are bit annoying they keep fighting with me huh gotcha set them right hehehehe you know how bro's are thats why i am here to keep an eye on them :p
you got a very lovely name betcha as lovely as your name :)