End of Semester Party!!!!

pink puma

Wohoooooo, i see so many of you guys all happy about the fact that you're done exams (including myself :D)

So aajo saareh, if you've finished your exams aajo kushiyaan maniyehhhh

:kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik :kik
:ha :ha :ha :ha :ha :ha :ha :ha

:yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj
:banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana

Oh we need some music..........

:mb :mb :mb :mb :mb

aajo saareh nacho.....

:yoho :yoho :yoho :yoho :yoho :yoho :yoho :yoho
and dont forget the drinks for amli's like guri and dhanne.....

:gulp :gulp :gulp :gulp :gulp :gulp :gulp :gulp

:talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli :talli