Emraan Hashmi’s Four-Year-Old Son Ayan Diagnosed With Cancer


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Emraan Hashmi's four year-old son Ayan has been detected with first stage cancer. The doctor has told Emraan and his wife that the bone marrow scan clearly shows that the little boy has a malignant tumour in his kidney and has added that it is curable since it is first-stage cancer. Pictures - Emraan Hashmi With Family It was Mahesh Bhatt who broke the news to TOI. Speaking about Emraan Hashmi, he said, "I got a call from Emraan at about 12.30 on Monday. He was speaking some garbled words and it was a call that kind of shattered me as he was inconsolable. He was calling from Hinduja Hospital where his four-year-old son Ayan had been diagnosed with a tumour in his kidney that was found malignant. The doctor had suggested immediate surgical intervention after which the road map for the future would be decided and that would probably mean chemotherapy." Mahesh Bhatt, who later visited the Hashmi household, said that while Emraan looked pale and heart broken, his little son Ayan was full of life, blissfully unaware of what was in store ahead. Though Emraan Hashmi was inconsolable, he has decided to fight back and ensure that his little boy has a speedy and a 'painless' recovery. Emraan has meanwhile promised 100 percent commitment to his personal as well as professional life. The actor, who is presently shooting for his forthcoming film Mr X, has requested his director and producer to cancel the shoot in South Africa in order to spend as much time as possible with his ailing son. Oneindia wishes Ayan a speedy recovery and pray to God to give Emraan Hashmi and his family the strength to combat this dreaded ailment.



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Re: Emraan Hashmi’s Four-Year-Old Son Ayan Diagnosed With Ca

Wishing him a very speedy recovery.