Early iPhone 4 Devices have Defective Screens


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Apple seems to be in troubled waters yet again as there are complaints that certain freshly shipped iPhone 4 devices are suffering from defective screens. Users have reported on TUAW blog that their iPhone 4 arrived with faulty displays. The new iPhone 4 devices suffered bad coloration at the bottom corners of the screen. What is ironic is that the new Retina Display on iPhone 4 was the unique selling proposition of the product and Apple even challenged the display king - Samsung over iPhone 4's display. However, here, the devices face manufacturing issue and not performance

The early adopters of iPhone 4 who pre-ordered their handset with AT&T contract must have been shattered to receive the device with a faulty display. Too bad they couldn't even show it around to friends or family. In the past too, the then new 27-inch iMac faced display issues.

We wonder what Apple has to say now. In a way, Apple has very minimal access to the manufacturing and packaging of the iPhone 4, which is heavy in demand. Even Nokia suffered similar issues when the much touted Nokia 5800 XpressMusic suffered from faulty speaker issue. Now, we aren't comparing that phone even closely with iPhone 4 but our point is the manufacturing errors might take place. Let's see what Apple has to say on the faulty iPhone 4 displays and whether it announces any replacement program.