Dry Hair Tips


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Demanding lifestyles, pollution and the amount of tension and problems we deal with on a day to day basis have a damaging impact on our hair. We get very less time to take care of our hair properly, and we tend to abuse our hair by exposing them to harsh hair products rich in chemicals that cause problems like dryness, split ends and irritation of the scalp. These problems damaging our hair make us nervous and we end up purchasing more products that promise to take care of hair problems. However, these products instead of controlling the damage, further spoils the texture of our hair. The question then arises, what is it that will help us save our hair? Dry hair is the result of loss of moisture in the scalp and can happen due to a number of other reasons as well. There are many natural treatments that an individual experiencing the problem can make use of. This article provides you with various useful and efficient tips for dry hair which you can go through and try out to experience positive results for yourself.

Dry Hair Care:

  • Dry hair is the result of lack of required amount of moisture. In order to restore moisture, shampoo your hair with mild shampoo and then nourish it with a good conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair for few minutes before rinsing it.
  • Another simple method to restore lost moisture is to use 1 or 2 drops of olive or safflower oil on your hair. You should only take oil sufficient enough to apply to the hair ends working your way up to the scalp.
  • Make sure that you don’t make use of any appliances or chemicals to better your hair. The colour and creams that you might be using for hair can be one of the causes of hair drying. If you want to touch up your hair with a colour, opt for root touch ups, highlights or lowlights instead of colouring the entire hair strands.
  • If you have dry hair and if the condition is worsening, limit your hair wash to once every three to four days. Make use of a conditioner to nourish your hair.
  • Make use of soft, hair bristle brushes to brush your hair. These hair brushes with soft bristles will help spread the hair’s natural oils down the entire shaft providing enough nourishment to your hair.
  • If you are using a blow dryer, cut down on the use of the dryer as it might cause further damage to your dry hair. If at all you have to use the dryer, force the air in the direction of the hair growth so that you don’t disturb the cuticle.
  • You can also ask your stylist to offer some scalp massage and treatment. Scalp treatment will do wonders for you and will stimulate hair growth along with conditioning them.
  • Avoid use of shampoos that are clear or transparent. These shampoos are also referred to as plain shampoos which contain little or no moisturizing effect. Go in for shampoos specifically made for dry and damaged hair that will provide enough moisturizer to your hair.
  • You can make use of a shining product on your dry hairs while under treatment to obtain a shiny and healthy look. You can make use of a glazing gel which will add a layer on top of your dry strands. It is however advisable to condition your hair before applying the glazing gel.
  • Make use of protein conditioners in case your hair ends are extremely dry. Protein in the conditioners will help restructure your hair and will keep them strong. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer to moisturize your hair.
  • Going for a haircut is another simple step to deal with split ends and dry hair. Ask your hairdresser to cut at least ½ an inch to ensure that your new growth will not grow with split ends. You can also opt for one of the short haircuts if your hair is dry all the way up to your scalp.
  • You can also apply little body lotion all through your hair while applying it to your body. You can also make use of mayonnaise or olive oil to moisturize and condition your dry hair strands.
  • Make sure that you step out in the sun only with a hat. Direct sun rays may dry your hair and also cause bleaching. Moreover, a cute hat is a trendy and will completely change your looks. If you swim, make sure to use bathing cap to protect your hair from further damage.