Driv-N Car Computer


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Well, now you can feel both as cozy as at home, and as active as in your office with the new Driv-N car computer. It can entertain you by playing MP3s or audio CDs, you can watch movies on the DVD player, you have XM online satellite radio, Internet radio, you can browse the Internet and at the same time remain connected to your home or office PC.

I guess that beats having to do acrobatic moves while writing something in your agenda that’s unsteadily placed on the passengers seat. And latest and greatest of all, the Driv-n can be totally voice controlled. And thanks to the permanent connection to your home or office PC you can access files from either one of the computers, you just have to speak their names.

The Driv-N can be set up either under the seat or in the trunk. Its framework is made solid aluminum and it has a multitude of touch screen options. The radio slides down to leave room for the DVD player. It can be set up either on the roof or on the headrest. A really important attribute of this already close to perfect device is that it survives crashes and when you turn off your car it shuts down properly making sure your data stays safe.