Rampuriya !!
My dreams are just fantasies of what I wish could be,
My dreams leave me blind to life, if only I could see.

I've had my share of dreams and I've had a wish or two,
I only wish that all my dreams of you would all come true.

I've tried to throw away my dreams, they never really come true.
I hoped my dreams would go away until the night I met you.

I have never seen eyes like yours, your looks enough to kill,
I said to myself, "How could it be," remembering I was dreaming still.

I care about you more than you know,
My feelings for you are not just dreams, they are real,
But you won't let me into your heart with the love I want to feel.

My dreams of you are wonderful, They're everything they seem,
I wish you would let me love you. But until then,
I will keep you in my dreams.