Dream comes true


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Padmini Kolhapure feels she has a role of a lifetime in debutant director Mahesh Kadiyal's film Maaee, in which she plays opposite singing diva Asha Bhosle.

"When the director came to me with this offer I had this strange feeling that it would be Ashaji who plays my mother. My hunch was proven right when the director told me Ashaji had been signed to play the mother." said Kolhapure.

Kolhapure is especially happy as she is very close to the Mangeshkar family.

"When we met up for Maaee, Ashaji teased me: ‘You've to give me tips on acting for this film.' I turned around and told Ashaji: ‘Fine I'll give you tips in acting, if you teach me how to sing'," Kolhapure said.

The actress is getting ready for what she calls the role of a lifetime.

"There aren't too many such opportunities for actresses these days. And definitely not too many opportunities for anyone to play Ashaji's daughter. She is a great mother in real life and has tremendous nurturing qualities," she said.