Does anyone know how to tie a lungi

We're doing a bhangra dance for our school, but none of us know how to properly tie the lungi for our bhangra suits. Does anyone have a video or anything that could teach us?



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sorry dear banna tan nahin anda , par just for your knowledge sake its called chadra not lungi
chadra or dhoti bandna is pretty difficult ..

1. u gotta fold the cloth in half
2. wear the cloth around your waist and part the cloth equally in front of you
3. the part which is still left in front you tie a knot

the way u tie the the rest of the cloth depends on which region u are from

panjabi style is tying the cloth and leaving some space in front,
so that the cloth is not parted behind, just in front

gujraati style is taking the cloth behind and tying to to the hips,
so that you wear the dhoti like a pant ..

south indians usually wear their lungi without any parting at all.

and u need a lot of safety pins. lol :d

jatt funjabi

gaah pau mehkma
Nopez !! .... randhawa and deep 22 its called lungi ,
Bhangrey vaali lungi hundi aa chaadra nyi ... :no

Diffrence b/w chadra and lungi ...

1). Chadra vch seen hundi aa jida pagg vch seen hundi aa,
and lungi vch seen nyi hundi ...

2). and chadra aapa sirf matching shirt naal paa skdey aa par lungi jihdey naal marji paa lyo ..

3). and chaadra bilkul plane hunda colourful nyi hunda but lungi ch vel butiyaa v hundiya ney ,

4). and lungi size vch shoti hundi aa par chaadra kaafi vadda hunda aa.

jihrey mere veera ney bhangra paya ohna nu pta va chaadra ki hunda te lungi ki hundi menu 8 saal hogey bhangra paundeyaa nu.