do you always answer the door for strangers ?


do you always answer the door for strangers no matter what time of day it is

So there was a knock on our door at like 8:55 pm and my brother opened it. It was one of those gas and heating guys, he was a short white guy. i came down to talk to him and told him that my dad takes of all that gas stuff and he was gone to work, so we couldnt really talk to him about anything.

so now our business was done and i thought he was gonna leave. but then the guy asks me if he can just stay inside the house by the door until his co-workers came to pick him up cuz he was freezing and it was gonna be like 10 more minutes till they came. It was like -10 degrees (celcius) outside so i did the humane thing and let the poor guy in. he just stayed by the door looking outside for his co-workers van. we gave him some warm water, the guy must've been freezing. His co-workers came, he thanked us and left.

So now my sister being at total bitch. She's pissed off at me because i told the guy that my dad's at work and that i shouldn't have told the guy that. She's even more pissed at my brother for answering the door so late during the day. She's like "we shouldn't even answer the door for strangers so late"

anyway im just ranting out cuz my damn family starts arguing over the dumbest, smallest little things.

would you guys answer a door to a stranger at any time of day?
lol........mostally ..strangers naal me hi gal krda haha,,, cos answere den naal ki ho janda,,, ehmm ya,, it dsnt matter wht time of day is it :p ........,,, bass night time koi naa aawe ,, ehmm ....... ithink sadde te stranger ghatt hi aande a.. lol ,, or menu starnger lagde hunde .. sare hi menu jande hunde a .. haha ,, so menu gharde pella hi keh dinde a.. tenu hi koi gal puchni honi kisene :-j

lol ya ,, je tusi kise aise location te reh rahe a,, jithe choriya hundiya so ,, thora jeha dhyaan rakhna :joy ............,,, all is well :p