Disney's 'Where's My Water?' now on Windows Phone 8


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Disney’s much loved game on iOS and Android – Where’s My Water? – has made its way to windows Phone 8, finally. The makers of the ‘Where’s My’ puzzle games have finally decided to enter into the upcoming Windows Phone Apps segment.

Where’s My Water? is a puzzle game featuring cartoon characters Swampy and Cranky, the alligators. The aim of the game is to pass levels of varying difficulties to try and get water supplied to the alligators’ bathrooms so they can have a shower. On the way, of course, players have to face issues like dead ends, algae, toxic ooze, triggers and traps while searching for collectibles too.

In the game description, Disney mentions that Where’s My Water? for Windows Phone 8 consists of ‘three stories, three separate games, more than 400 different puzzles'. It also mentions that the game will get free updates once installed.

Swampy and Cranky come to Windows Phone!

Along with the very popular Where’s My Water? game, Disney has also released ‘Where’s My Perry?’ for Windows Phone 8. Designed in the same vein as the alligator based games, Where’s My Perry? is based around a platypus, Agent P, who happens to be a secret agent. The game revolves around water, too, only this time it’s water in all its forms – solid, liquid and gaseous.

The ‘Where’s My’ series of games has been extremely popular amongst kids and adults alike. The paid version of Where’s My Water? has had between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000 downloads on the Android Play Store while Where’s My Perry? has had between 500,000 and 1,000,000 downloads.

Only last week it was announced that Windows Phone 8 app submissions had gone up by 40 percent since the launch of the operating system and Disney seems to be on the right path with embracing the platform this soon.

To give a shot in the arm to apps on the Windows 8 platform, Microsoft announced that app certification will remain open for most of the month, including the Holiday Season. Although apps will not be tested on December 24, 25 and January 1, Microsoft will try and go full throttle to make sure apps get launched during the festive season.

Considering the fact that app certification process takes around 5 days, Microsoft had suggested that developers send in their apps by December 21. This seems to be a move in the direction to quell complaints that the Windows app platform does not have enough apps.

The lack of apps was considered to be the only problem of the up and coming operating system Windows 8. Although the applications on the platform seem to be polished and a seemingly higher standard compared to Android, the OS lacks popular games and even social networking options like Instagram. Windows Phone representatives told us recently that the number of apps will be significantly higher soon.

Earlier this month, Microsoft had announced that the Windows Phone Store now covers an impressive 113 countries. The company also revealed that it would be rolling out an update for the Windows Phone Dev Centre and the Windows Phone Store soon.

You can purchase Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry? for $ 0.99 on the Windows Phone Store