Different types of cards used in a computer


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Different types of cards usedin a computer

In a computer many different cards are used. You may have heard of their names quite often. Video card, Sound card, network interface card, Ethernet card, Accelerator card, Video capture card, TV Tuner card are some of the cards used in a computer. Some of them are essential cards while some others are inserted if needed. Generally any computer will have a sound card and a video card. In recent computers the network card also is very common. Here let us define the use of these cards:

Video Card: This is also referred to as the graphics adapter, display adapter or video adapter. This is a circuit that is used to display information on the monitor. Monitor resolution, Number of colours, monitor refresh rate, video card and the monitor’s quality all determine the quality of the display.
Sound Card: To handle sound, to insert a microphone or connect a speaker this sound card is used. Many sound cards have MIDI controllers. This is also called SWSynth.
Network Interface Card: This is also referred as NIC. The computer can be connected to a network only with the use of this network interface card.
Ethernet Card: Ethernet card is used to connect computers to computers. A cable is used to connect the Ethernet cards in each computer to make a network.
Accelerator card: This is a printed circuit board. This card is used to increase of the speed of the computer and can be inserted into any of the expansion slot provided in the motherboard. For example, a graphics accelerator card is used to increase the quality of the graphics.
Video Capture Card: This card is used to convert analog signals (signals from video camera or VCR) to a compressed digital signal. This compressed digital sigal can be stored in your computer as a video file.
TV Tuner Card: TV Tuner card is used to convert your analog or digital TV signal and view your TV channels in your computer. Win TVD TV Tuner card comes with video capture and stereo surround features.


Codename 47
USB CARD (to upgrade it to 3.0)
Firewire card (IEEE1394)
Sound Card (5.1-7.1 channel)
Crossfire Technology (Dual GPU's)
and there are lot more