Did It Ever Happen to You When...

Saini Sa'aB

When you’re making fun of someone behind their back and they turn around:

When you’re with a group and someone hot walks by:

When you have that annoying piece of hair that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to:

When you make a reference to a TV show and no one gets it:

When you hear the words ‘food’ and ‘free’ together:

When all your friends are laughing at a joke about you:


Saini Sa'aB

When you prove to someone that they are wrong:

When you bump into the corner of a table:

When you enter a store and need help from an employee:

When your favorite TV show comes back from a break:

When you realize you’re chewing on a borrowed pen:

When one of your body parts falls asleep and it feels like this:


Saini Sa'aB

When you say the exact same thing as your best friend:

When your phone rings, but you’re too lazy to get it:

When you’re typing your password and someone is staring at the keyboard:

When you see someone flirting with the person you like:

When you try to hold in a fart during a conversation:

When Youtube lets you skip the ad:


Saini Sa'aB

When someone says "BRB" and never comes back:

When someone looks really attractive from behind, but then they turn around and are all like:

When your laugh comes out really loud and dumb:

When you poke someone and they think it was someone else:

When you’re at work and see your shift replacement coming in:

When you click on a blog and music starts to autoplay:

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