Dhulla Bhatti

Mandeep Kaur Guraya

Here is stroy of Dulla bhatti....sorry thodi jihi lambi hai, par poori khani ehi hai, te jo song gaande han lohri te us da matlab v likh rahi han....

Dulla Bhatti, was like Robin Hood :thapparwho rob the rich and gave away the looted articles and money to the poor :w. The people of the area loved him and respected him :y but in the eyes of the Govt. he was a wicked person .

A person had two daughters called Sundari & Mundari . Both were exceptionally beautiful :o. The person got his daughters engaged. As the celebrations of marriage of the daughers were going on :wah, the father got message from their would be inlaws :bak that we shall not get our sons married to your daughters as we have got the message from a powerful person that if you get your daughters married then we shall kidnap your daughters :bhajo.

On getting this message, the father of the girls went :woto jungles in the search of Dulla bhatti . Lastly he found out Dulla Bhatti wala and told him the tale that my daughters will be kidnapped and I am here to get your favour :pr.

Dulla Bhatti who was basically a very nice person , assured the man that He will adopt his daughters and will do the Kanya-dan (wedding rites) :w. Dulla Bhatti promised the man but he was nothing :(to offer to his adopted daughters in wedding as he used to distribute what ever he had to the poor the same day.

He called the village persons :bakand requested :pr them to contribute something for the wedding of his daughters. The village men contributed about Rs.1/- each for the wedding :wah.

We sing this song at the time of Lohri.:pop

Sundar Mundariye ho!

Dulla Bhatti wala, ho!

Dulle di dhi viahi ho! (Daughter of Dulla got married)

Sher sakar pai " He gave kilo of sugar as a gift to everyone on the marriage of his adopted daughters.

Dulle da salu pata ho! The honour of Dulla get questioned.

Salu kaun samete ho! Who saved the honour.

Chacha Churi kutti ho! The uncles (Village persons) Churi (the mixture of Sugar & Flour wheat, corn, peanuts, popcorn, sweets made of til-chirva, gajak and revari (sesame and jagery) means prepared dishes for the wedding party.

Dulle di dhi viahi ho!

Sanu de lohri. " Give us donation".

On Lohri children had been moving form door to door, singing the Dulla Bhati folk song and used to clebrate just to remember that Dulla Bhatti wala had done a benevolent job with begging for the wedding of his adopted daughters. Though he can get her married with a looted amount as well. But he preferred to get them married with alms.

That's all !!!
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